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Plan a vacation to Ireland, England and surrounding areas today with the help of award-winning travel agents specializing in Ireland and England vacations who can save you research time and offer expert advice on your vacation. Our travel agents specializing in Ireland and England vacations are passionate about sharing their own experiences of travel to Ireland and England and embrace helping others just like you in planning memorable getaways. Our Ireland and England travel agents will listen closely and utilize their travel expertise and partnerships with Ireland and England hotels, cruise lines, and tour operators to create a personalized vacation experience just for you! Based on our 50+ year history in the travel industry, we are positive you will receive vacation counsel that will dramatically enhance your vacation to Ireland or England. Contact one of our travel agents specializing in Ireland or England online or call 888-369-8785 today!

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Laurie Daul



Laurie Daul has been a vacation travel specialist since 1996.  She'd love to help you find your ideal vacation while providing the best value... Read more

Paula Bursa



Paula Bursa has been in the travel industry since 2000. She started as a flight attendant servicing the United States and Canada... Read more

Barb Dahl



Barb Dahl, a travel specialist with Fox World Travel, has been in the travel business over 30 years and has definitely witnessed many changes in the industry... Read more

Peg Giordana



"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do... Read more

Mary Lou Gazdik



Mary Lou Gazdik has been a vacation travel specialist since 2007 and was an educator prior to starting her career at Fox World Travel... Read more

Susan May



Susan May has been in the travel industry since 1999 and has had the opportunity to visit many destinations... Read more

Lisa Pease



Italy, Poland, Germany, Austria, Slovania,Mexico, Jamaica...  These are just Lisa's most recent adventures... Read more