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Where 'Something New' takes on a different meaning. A honeymoon and/or destination wedding can be an amazing way for you and your significant other to begin your new life together. Whether you're considering Mexico, Caribbean, Hawaii, Europe or the U.S. our team of honeymoon and destination wedding travel specialists in Wisconsin can make it happen.

This is a time to celebrate a new phase of life together. It should reflect the special interests you share as a couple. Make it perfect with the help of the local WI travel agents at Fox World Travel. Popular destinations and the best romance resorts tend to sell out quickly, so the earlier you plan, the more options you'll find. There are many details and choices to be made, so let our experts blend their knowledge and your vision to guide you through the big decisions, like where to stay and what activities to plan.

View a few of our destination wedding testimonials from brides and grooms we've worked with in the past.

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Pick Your Paradise

Choose where to have your wedding:

  • What things do you like to do together?
  • How long will you stay? Your guests?
  • What's your budget? What is the budget of your guests? Your budget does not need to be finalized, but remember a destination wedding in Las Vegas will cost less than a destination wedding in Jamaica, simply because of travel costs.
  • Does everyone need a passport?
  • What are the marriage requirements?
  • We can advise you on which destinations
    have residency requirements (meaning you have to stay a set number of days before you can get married), require blood tests, legal documentation, etc.

Select Your Resort

Choose where you want to stay:

  • What kind of atmosphere do you want? Some destination wedding resorts are lavishly elegant, while others are totally laid-back. Some are sleek and modern, while others are traditional.
  • What type of wedding ceremony do you want? Most destination wedding resorts offer civil ceremonies, but some can arrange a religious ceremony.
  • All-inclusive or not? If your wedding guests are also staying at the same resort, they can help defray the costs of a
    wedding reception.
  • Consider your wedding guest list. Some resorts are for adults only, some are for couples only, etc.

Reserve your trip!

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