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Honeymoon Travel Planning

Your honeymoon is a time to celebrate a new phase of life together. It should reflect the special interests you share as a couple. Make it perfect with the help of the honeymoon travel agents at Fox World Travel. Planning your honeymoon should start months before the wedding. Popular destinations and the best honeymoon resorts tend to sell out quickly, so the earlier you plan, the more options you'll find. There are many details and choices to be made, so let our experts in Honeymoon travel guide you through the big decisions, like where to stay and what activities to plan.

We blend our knowledge and your vision to create a honeymoon that satisfies both of you. You'll be confident you are getting the honeymoon or destination wedding of your dreams with Fox World Travel. 

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Popular Honeymoon Destinations

Are you going back and forth between the best honeymoon destination for you? It can be fun to explore the many top honeymoon destinations, but there are many factors to consider before making a final decision. What type of location would you prefer? Tropical, mountains, city? When will you be traveling? Is money a factor? How do you want to spend your time? Lounging, skiing, snorkeling, eating fine cuisine? By answering all of these questions with a Honeymoon Specialist, he or she can help pinpoint destinations that are most appealing based on experience and expertise. The most popular honeymoon hot spots include:

honeymoon in hawaii

Hawaii Honeymoon
- Dramatic coastlines, volcanoes, green forests, native Hawaiian culture, tropical breezes, white sand beaches, spectacular resorts. This is the magic that brings couples to Hawaii for the best in honeymoon getaways.

honeymoon in mexico

Mexico Honeymoon - A vast country with enough variety to please all. Bask in the sun at posh resorts along the Baja coast in Puerto Vallarta, Ixtapa or Los Cabos, or take in the beauty of white sand beaches on the Yucatan Peninsula in hot spots like Cancun/Riviera Maya and Cozumel. All-Inclusive resorts are abundant in throughout Mexico.

honeymoon in jamaica

Jamaica Honeymoon - Passion is inevitable on this tropical paradise island. Jamaica is the place if you are looking for non-stop nightlife. If the bar scene isn’t for you, stay in one of Jamaica’s all-inclusive adults-only resorts. If you are a nature lover, take a leisurely bamboo raft trip or explore the many caves and waterfalls that abound in its green forests.

honeymoon in italy

Italy Honeymoon - Italy is one of the top picks for Europe honeymoon locations. No wonder, it's the land of Amore! From the Northern Alps and lake country to Rome and the Almalfi Coast, Italy has everything for a romantic and classy honeymoon.

honeymoon in st. lucia

St. Lucia Honeymoon - A bit of France, a bit of Britain, and a nature-lovers paradise including a volcano. Great snorkeling in clear, blue warm waters. Sip a cool tropical drink in your hammock. Walk through a rain forest while viewing the ocean. Truly a newlywed's paradise.

honeymoon in punta cana

Dominican Republic Honeymoon - The Dominican Republic has become a beautiful, affordable island destination. Being a larger island, that doesn't just focus on tourism, you can get some great deals. There are many all-inclusives that will meet the needs of most couples.

honeymoon in tahiti

Tahiti Honeymoon - How do you describe paradise? Many call it Tahiti! With many islands to choose from, including favorites Bora Bora and Moorea. From its natural beauty to its Polynesian hospitality. If you do not want to share your new spouse with anyone, this is the place to be. Even its resorts are designed for your love to burn and grow.

honeymoon in fiji

Fiji Honeymoon - Fiji has it all if you are looking to fill that image of white powder beaches with beautiful palm trees, green mountains sweeping to the sea, warm tropical breezes, and lots of secluded resorts scattered among its 300+ islands.

honeymoon cruise

Cruise Honeymoon - Romance and cruising would seem to go hand in hand, as long as you cruise with a cruise line that offers an exceptional onboard atmosphere for romance and ambiance.  Cruises offer you the opportunity to discover multiple destinations and come back to the ship for top dining and entertainment experiencesConsult with a travel specialist to choose the best honeymoon cruise option for you!


Honeymoon Vacation Planning Tips

Fox World Travel’s honeymoon specialists can help you plan the honeymoon of your dreams. We work with you to find the perfect destination, activities, accommodations and amenities you both will enjoy and always remember. Here are some tips for a wonderful and stress-free honeymoon.
Plan Ahead
Purchase everything in advance, including air, hotel and activities, to make your honeymoon as carefree as possible.

Create a Registry
Let your guests contribute to your once-in-a-lifetime trip with a Fox World Travel wedding/honeymoon Registry. Your family and friends will have the opportunity to give money towards your honeymoon or purchase gifts such as a couples massage or a dinner on the beach.  Contact your travel agent for details.

Give Yourselves Time
Allow at least one day between your wedding and your honeymoon departure. You will be so exhausted after your wedding that you will want time to rest, refresh and get organized before you set off.

Check your Passport
If you are traveling to an international destination, make sure that your passport is up-to-date. Brides: remember that the last name in your passport must match the last name on your airline ticket and other reservation documentation.

Bring your Certificate
Many hotels require proof of marriage to take advantage of special amenities exclusively for honeymooning couples, so bring along a copy of your certificate.

Indulge Yourselves
This is the trip of a lifetime so go ahead and indulge a little. Fly first class, upgrade your room to a suite, or consider an all-inclusive resort that caters to honeymooners.

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