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Hawaii Vacations

Hawaii-Kona Destination Guide

Larger than all the other islands combined, "The Big Island" is a miniature continent with stunning beaches, dramatic cliffs, volcanic parks, exotic rivers, vast plains and even cactus studded deserts. The island is dominated by the twin peaks of Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa, both over 13,000 feet high and divided by ski slopes. Actually, Mauna Kea is only the top of a submerged mountain. Yet at 32,000 feet from sea floor to sky, it could be called the tallest mountain in the world, dwarfing Mount Everest by several thousand feet.


"The Big Island" is the youngest in Hawaii, a mere baby at one million years old and still growing with constant eruptions and lava flows. It is one of the only places on Earth where you can still see an active volcano. Along the island's eastern edge, the desolate moonscape of Volcanoes National Park is home to Kilauea, a fiery volcano that has been periodically erupting over the last decade.


Kona Highlights

Atlantis Submarines Kona – Experience Hawaii’s only real submarine tour, this adventure descends over 100 feet! You will dive deep into the habitat of exotic sea creatures including eels, sea turtles and spinner dolphins. This is sure to create life long memories!
Kona’s south calm and clear waters are perfect for snorkeling, diving or spotting dolphins and honu (Hawaiian green sea turtles). Take a manta ray boat tour and snorkel or scuba with these gentle and peaceful sea creatures. This tour is said to be one of Kona’s most memorable experiences.
Take a helicopter tour to get a birds-eye view of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and see the rest of this island’s hidden waterfalls, lush valleys and black sand beaches.
Visit the charming port town of Hilo, the flower capital of the world, lined with black and white sand beaches. The Kona Coast, world famous for coffee plantations, offers stunning views of the ocean from its powdery beaches and sharp cliffs.
You’ll be surrounded by lava dispersed deserts and tropical gardens which allow you to take part in a variety of exciting adventures. Snorkel or scuba dive, take a horseback ride through the grassy plains of Paniolo (Hawaiian Cowboy) country or discover the 442-foot Akaka Falls and the 80-foot Waianuenue also known as Rainbow Falls. Or, hike the magnificent 150 miles of volcanic desert and tropical trails of Wailuku River State Park. Kona is truly “Hawaii’s Island of Adventure”.

Not sure where to start? Ask a travel agent specializing in Hawaii Vacations to help you plan the ultimate vacation to Kona, Hawaii.

Weather in Hawaii-Kona

The average day-time temperatures in the coastal areas range from the mid-80s in the summer months, to the mid to low 70s in the winter months.

Tipping in Hawaii-Kona

Tipping is at the discretion of the customer, usually 15%.

Wedding Requirements for Hawaii-Kona

There is no waiting requirement for a marriage license in Hawaii, but the bride and groom must obtain it in person ($25 payable in cash, valid statewide for 30 days). Guests can check at their hotel for the nearest licensing agent.

Airport Information for Hawaii-Kona

Travel to and from Hawaii-The Big Island uses the ITO - Hilo; KOA - Kona.

Rental Cars in Hawaii-Kona

Many major car rental agencies are available throughout the Hawaiian Islands.