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Great Britain Vacation Planning

Highlighting England, Scotland and Wales

How to plan a vacation to Great Britain
We've traveled Europe near and far only to find how GREAT Britain's cultural heritage and magnificent countryside really packs in the value for those traveling to Europe. You can get around by car, train and plane to find the perfect combination of cities,fairy-tale villages, countryside and picturesque villages all within easy reach from the capital of London. Check out why Britain is GREAT!
Great Britain is an island lying off the western coast of Europe, comprising the main territory of the United Kingdom. Great Britain is made up of:
  • England - The capital is London.
  • Scotland - The capital is Edinburgh .
  • Wales - The capital is Cardiff.
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Tips for Traveling in Great Britain

Some shops in Great Britain make you pay Value Added Taxes (VAT). If the shop participates; they will give you a VAT Refund Form. Keep this receipt until you get back to the airport. In the Customs area you will see a store called Travelex; they will take your VAT receipts and give you the refund back from this. The shop has to provide you with a VAT Refund Form in order for you to get your refund! Travelex also will give you US currency back if you have any Pounds or Euros left over.
-Paula Bursa, Travel Specialist

When traveling to Great Britain I recommend packing your own washcloths. Most European hotels do not have them available.
-Dawn Zarnoth, Travel Specialist

When traveling in England, I recommend having some GBP available as many of the public restrooms charge for use.
-Alana Magestro, Travel Specialist

The London Pass includes free entry in over 55 of the top London sights and with the Travelcard added it allows unlimited use of public transportation including the Tube!
-Debbie Weller, Travel Specialist

Highlights of Great Britain


Discover this beautiful and mystical land with its rugged coastline and charming villages. To see first-hand Wales' impressive castles is to understand it centuries-old heritage.


The heritage of Liverpool spans centuries. Get insight into what it means to be a Liverpudlian from the historic docks that fueled the Industrial Revolution in England to the rock-sound that changed the world.


Dating back over 2,000 years, the heritage of Bath began as a Roman spa town and continues on as a cultural and historic center up to the present day.

Cultural Olympiad

Upcoming highlights from this feast of events that will accompany ‘the greatest show on earth’ – the London 2012 Olympics.


Canterbury's history dates back 2,000 years as a Roman settlement. This small cities vibrant and important history revolves around its amazing Cathedral and Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. A must-see for it's rich historic and culture heritage.


World-renowned as the birthplace of Shakespeare and home to the Royal Shakespeare Company, this small city seamlessly blends the magic of drama with historic and modern life.

Lake District

In Cumbria and the Lake District you'll find sparkling lakes and England's highest mountains whose majestic vistas and sheltered valleys have inspired many travelers the world-over.

Isle of Skye

Discover amazing landscapes and picturesque villages along with a land etched by the sea. Explore the inspiring countryside and rich history of this mystical land.