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Rome, Italy Vacation Planning

Rome, Italy Destination Guide

The famous saying "When in Rome, do as the Romans do" is something to strive for, but how can you ever do all that Rome has rome vacation planningto offer? Begin by switching gears and relaxing to the rhythm of Italy's slower inner clock!Take the time to walk through the ruins of ancient Rome tracing, the steps of the Caesars through the Roman Forum and Coliseum. Experience the Vatican's magnificence and marvel at the beauty and artistic achievement of Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel. Wonder at the many artistic treasures this city possesses, from Raphael to Caravaggio. See spectacular churches, fountains and sculptures. Or simply relax at sidewalk cafes while tasting delicious homemade gelato. Allow Rome's cuisine to entice you and its culture to seduce you!

Need Help?  Our travel agents specializing in Italy Vacations can help you choose the best travel opportunity for you to explore Italy, YOUR WAY.  From guided vacations and independent land vacations, to small and large ship cruises, there is so much to explore!  Contact an Italy Travel Agent to start planning.

Please note: The only acceptable proof of citizenship for traveling to Europe is a VALID U.S. Passport. Name on passport must match name on airline ticket. Passport must be valid until at least six months after the scheduled return date.


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Weather in Rome, Italy

The winter weather is considerably milder in Italy than in the north and central (United States) US . In summer there will be cool evenings, especially in the mountains, even during the hot months. Brief summer afternoon thunderstorms are common in Rome and inland cities.

Tipping in Rome, Italy

All hotel taxes and service charges are included. Tips are NOT included. Restaurant checks may include service charge; in this case do not tip.

Airport Information for Rome, Italy

Travel to and from Rome uses the Rome Fiumicino Airport (FCO), located 20 miles from the center city of Rome.

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