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Grand Cayman Vacation Planning

Grand Cayman Destination Guide

"A Diver's Dream" Tales of buccaneering feats and shipwrecked sailors... the legend of Blackbeard. These islands have a rich seafaring history which has reached near mythical status. Today, modern adventurers flock to Grand Cayman for treasures of another kind. A tranquil atmosphere, sweeping white sands, sunken ships from centuries past, stunning coral formations and turquoise waters. Regarded as a world-class scuba diving destination, Grand Cayman is a diver's dream. Over 200 different dive sites feature everything from stunning wall and cave dives to easy drops for first timers. Whatever your pleasure, Grand Cayman is a perfect vacation destination for fun above and below the water.

Weather in Grand Cayman

The Caymans are warm in the summer (May to October), when the average daily high reaches 85°F (29°C). This is also the rainy season, but the showers are brief. Winter (November to April) is drier and cooler, with average daily highs of 75°F (24°C).

Tipping in Grand Cayman

Many hotels add 5% to 10% to your bill; restaurants usually add 15%. If not, a tip of 15% is expected.

Wedding Requirements for Grand Cayman

There is no residency requirement, couples must arrange for a Cayman Islands Marriage Officer before applying for the license, the approximate cost of the license is $200 US, both parties must have proof of citizenship, marital status, and legal entry.

Airport Information for Grand Cayman

Travel to and from Grand Cayman uses the Owen Roberts International Airport.

Rental Cars in Grand Cayman

You can rent from agencies at the airport or have a car delivered to your hotel. The required driving permit is available from your rental agency for approximately US$7.50; you must be at least 21 and carry a valid driver's license from your home country.