Select Group Vacations

Fox World Travel's exclusive collection of Select Group Vacations include added amenities and features, special value pricing, customized itineraries and often offer the comfort and convenience of a professional tour manager to ensure a worry-free experience. These small group tours, cruises and river cruises offer unique experience we are excited to share with you!

European Spotlight

Sep 12th - Sep 24th, 2017

Best of Italy

Sep 21st - Oct 2nd, 2017

Italian Elegance

Oct 4th - Oct 17th, 2017

European Spotlight

Sep 6th - Sep 18th, 2016

Best of Italy

Oct 6th - Oct 17th, 2016

Best of Italy

Sep 27th - Oct 8th, 2016

Highlights of Poland

Sep 8th - Sep 18th, 2016

Captivating Cuba

Apr 22nd - Apr 30th, 2017

Incredible Iceland

Jul 15th - Jul 23rd, 2017

Majestic Rockies

Jul 2nd - Jul 12th, 2017

Grand Hawaii Tour

Mar 9th - Mar 22nd, 2017

Best of Hawaii

Feb 27th - Mar 9th, 2017

Iceland Adventure

Jul 9th - Jul 17th, 2016

Ireland Adventure

Sep 9th - Sep 17th, 2017

Ireland Adventure

Sep 10th - Sep 18th, 2016

Fascinating Panama

Mar 16th - Mar 23rd, 2017